About Us

Ade Bullock

CEO and Founder

In 2006 Ade co-founded Contigo Software, an energy trading software company, with three friends. The business grew rapidly and was sold in 2013 to a large European competitor. In 2020, Ade formed Workup; with the vision to build applications to enable businesses to be more productive through people-focussed management. Workup has been designed from our own experiences in managing project teams; it is the tool that we always wished we had.

"When managing teams, I used a complex mix of Excel, Email and other tools to try to manage people on my team, but ultimately they weren’t that effective and wasted a lot of time and energy."

As an experienced software developer Ade knew we could do better. Rather than just provide yet another HR platform, we wanted to build something that actually made people more efficient and productive. We wanted to help make employees feel valued and understood and let managers effectively manage their team and projects. This is the vision behind Workup.

Rich Cooper


Rich has 15+ years of industry experience across a wide range of industries including banking, energy and technology.  He has a strong background in programme management and professional services, and more recently has worked as a consultant, helping tech start-ups enhance their organisational processes and technology, and client support functions to support their growth.  Rich has a real passion for client service, process enhancement and people development.

Rich worked with Ade at Contigo and led their software implementations for their tier 1 clients across the UK and Europe.  He also led the project & implementation team and played a pivotal role in Sales and Client Support functions.  He has recently returned to the UK after 6 years in Luxembourg and is excited to join the Workup team as COO.

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