Introducing the Workup Early Adopter Program

The Early Adopter Program is available for companies wishing to trial Workup. By participating you will be able to shape the future of the product and gain various benefits.

Workup has launched an Early Adopter Program before the full launch of Workup in the spring of 2023. The early adopter program gives selected companies early access to the Workup platform and will help to shape the product as it goes forward. You can apply to join the Early Adopter Program by entering your email in the form below.

By participating, you will get early access to the beta of the Workup application and have the ability to guide it's future. The beta program provides three months of free access to the Workup application and then a discounted rate for the next 12 months if you subscribe.  In return we would like you to use it in real world scenarios and report bugs and suggest improvements. This will allow us to improve the quality of the application prior to it's full launch. You will be able to contact us via email and via Teams. Get them excited, ambassadors, regular check-ins/feedback, just need to get signups then provide more small print, more salesy, direct contact with product team.

Workup provides a comprehensive people management platform for small and medium sized businesses to manage project teams and all employees in an organisation. It is an integrated platform that supports all people related functions within a project and an organisation. This includes project resourcing and scheduling, leave management, employee lifecycle management and business process workflows.

Our mission is to provide a platform to allow businesses to more productive by getting the most out of their people. This requires providing good access to data, storing comprehensive information about employees and supporting best practice people management processes. Our vision is that by using Workup you will see measurable improvements in productivity and employee engagement.


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