Workup Joins Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Workup has been accepted on the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program which provides a range of support and benefits for start-ups building on Microsoft technology.

By: Ade Bullock, 12 Apr 2023

Workup has been accepted as a member on the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. This is a relatively new program to support start-ups embracing Microsoft and Azure technology. The program provides a range of benefits and will help Workup establish itself and grow.

Workup has been built on the latest Microsoft .NET and Azure technology. Being part of the Founders Hub provides us with a range of business and development tools including Visual Studio Enterprise. There are also a great range of other benefits such as Azure and LinkedIn credits.

Workup is also a Microsoft Cloud partner as we are delivering solutions on Microsoft Azure technology. The Cloud partner program also has a range of benefits to help companies succeed using Microsoft technology, especially delivering cloud solutions on Azure.

Being part of these programs has been extremely valuable to Workup , has saved us a lot of money and accelerated the development of our product. We would recommend applying to these programs and realising the benefits to any tech start-up wishing to use Microsoft technology.

Workup uses a number of the latest Azure services in in it's ground-breaking people and project management solution. Using these services allows us to bring features to market quicker in a highly secure and reliable way. Using the latest development, testing and deployment tools from Microsoft ensures an extremely rapid and streamlined development process.