Stay In Control

Workup provides dashboards for the organisation, your team and each project enabling you to quickly monitor status and progress. Workup provides a news feed of messages relevant to you which you can also receive via email.

Workup maintains a huge amount of organisational data as well as a range of transactional data on projects and business processes. Workup makes it easy to access this data through a range of interactive dashboards and status reports.


Personalised Dashboards

Each Workup user has access to their own and their team's dashboard. These provide a range of data, charts and actions that are relevant to the individual and the team. Users can easily see their schedule, the projects they are working on, timesheets, leave status and a range of other data.

News Feed and Alerts

Each Workup user has access to a news feed which sends them relevant alerts and messages based on activity within the system. Managers can be notified of new leave requests, users can be notified of schedule changes or approved (or rejected) leave requests.

news feed

project tracking

Project Tracking and Reporting

Each project has a dashboard status page that shows detailed status information about the state of the project and highlights any issues. The dashboard reports on scheduled, actual and billed time grouped by task and resource. Progress against budget can be monitored. The project schedule can be monitored and conflicts or issues identified.