Powerful People Management

A best in class People Management function allowing you to manage the complete lifecycle of your employees. Easily manage employee events, contracts, payments, skills and performance.

The People module provides complete employee lifecycle management from recruitment to leaving. It allows management of contracts, events such as promotions, change of role and appraisals. Each key event in the employee lifecycle can be linked to a business workflow.

An important feature is the management of skills; each business role can be assigned a required and an optional set of skills, these can then be matched with employees. Managers and employees can manage their own skills and plan progression within the company.

employee and organisation database

Comprehensive Employee and Organisation Database

Workup provides comprehensive employee, team and project data in one place that enables the support of a wide range of business processes. The company hierarchy and reporting lines can be defined. This enables employees to have visibility of their own data and managers to have access to all the data they need to manage their team.

Workup allows all data related to an employee to be securely maintained; this includes employee contracts and terms for all types of employee, payments and compensation details, lifecycle events such as promotions, role change and leavers. All employee documents can also be securely stored within Workup.

World Class People Management

Workup enables comprehensive management of people and teams that enables easy visibility and management of your complete organisation. You can manage all HR processes including recruitment, leavers, absence, performance management, promotions, organisation and team management. Workup allows employee contracts, terms and compensation to be securely managed. Workup provides a comprehensive solution to manage all touchpoints between each employee and the company.

people management

skills and experience

Manage Skills, Achievements and Experience

Workup allows employees to manage their own profile within the organisation. They can record their skills, experience and achievements and ensures project managers can choose the right people for the right tasks. Workup allows managers to proactively manage and plan the development of their staff. Each Business Role in the system can define a set of required and optional skills which can be matched to employees. Skills are also utilised when resourcing projects to match employees to specific project roles.