Project Resourcing and Scheduling

Workup helps you schedule and manage resources on both internal and customer projects. Ensure you have the right resource on each project and understand team members availability.

Workup allows you to manage both internal and customer projects, assign and schedule resources and manage activity and billed time. You can view the skills, experience and availability of each team member ensuring you are using the right resources for your project.

As time and leave management is deeply integrated with your projects you can easily monitor scheduled vs actual time spent on a project, calculate billed time and identify and future resourcing conflicts.

Projects can be internal or customer facing, you can link to other project management tools such as Trello and Basecamp and you can store key documents for the project.

setup project tasks and team

Setup Project Tasks and Team

Workup allows you to create a set of tasks for each progress, the skills, budget and estimate required for each. You can use project templates to quickly set up projects. You can then create a project team and schedule each member of the team to these tasks. The flexible scheduling process allows to understand each team member's skills, experience and availability when scheduling them to the project. You can schedule both short and long term resources to the project.

Project Team Management

Workup allows you to manage the team on the project and assign team member's to specific tasks. Each team member can view their schedule across multiple projects. You can view the availability and schedule for each team member and identify and resolve conflicts. Any leave requests flow directly into project schedules without having to duplicate the data. Using Workup's time management capabilities, scheduled, actual and billed time per day is captured for each project task, enabling monitoring of progress against schedule.

project team management

detailed project tracking and billing

Detailed Project Tracking and Billing

Billing data can be managed for each project. You can define budget, billing rates for each task and resource and capture billed time. This allows you to track outturn against budget and monitor billing data in real-time. Invoices can be generated based on the billing schedule of the project.

Integration With Other Tools

Workup allows simple integration with third party project management tools such as Asana and Basecamp, allowing you to use these tools in combination and get the best from each tool.

integration with other tools