Comprehensive Time Management

Schedule resources against a project, record actual time spent and determine billed time on billable tasks. Report on time for an individual, team, project or the whole organisation.

Time is recorded using simple to use timesheets by employees, managers and project managers. Resources can be scheduled to projects and tasks in advance and then actuals recorded against them. The system also allows billed time to be recorded against customer projects to support customer invoicing.

Leave requests flow through automatically into timesheets as does project resourcing preventing duplication of data. Time is recorded at a project task level allowing comprehensive reporting of time spent against each type of activity across the organisation.

customer and internal projects

Customer and Internal Projects

Workup provides a comprehensive time management solution for capturing detailed time data against customer projects and internal tasks. Workup efficiently captures scheduled time, actuals and billed time using a timesheet based system. Leave and scheduled project time flows automatically into the timesheets ensuring data is only entered once and does not need to be duplicated.

Capture Scheduled, Actual and Billed Time

The time management system allows you to capture and compare scheduled, actual and billed and monitor variances and conflicts. You can capture time for both customer projects and internal tasks enabling you to gain a holistic view of all time being spent on tasks within the company. This allows you identify optimisations, reduce wasted effort and monitor under/over resource utilisation.

capture time

time reporting

Time Reporting and Monitoring

Project managers can view detailed breakdowns of time spent on their projects. Team managers can monitor where each of their team is spending their time. Capturing this level of detail allows comprehensive analysis and reporting of effort spent in your organisation and can identify opportunities for optimisation and increasing productivity. It allows monitoring of key metrics across your teams and organisation to quickly identify issues or patterns to be resolved.